Why work with me

If you’ve worked with agencies before, you can throw away all your expectations. Working with me is nothing like that. I am the only contact point you’ll ever have. I’ll never charge you for a receptionist. I am a one-man company* and I have no intention of ever changing that (* dogs not included).

"If you dislike working with consultants as much as I do, you'll love working with Anton"

If you dislike working with consultants as much as I do, you'll love working with Anton. He was challenging when appropriate and accommodating when necessary, all the while being extremely mindful of our time. He's quick to offer possible solutions and even faster to implement them.

We’ll definitely work together again and you should too.

Elsa Bernadotte

Elsa Bernadotte

COO and Co-Founder, Karma

Yours truly or a dream team

Today some of the world's most talented creatives have left the agency world and become consultants. Likewise, my 20+ years of experience in building digital tools have equipped me with access to some of the best creatives in the world. So whether your project needs a strategist or a researcher, a developer or an interface designer - chances are I know who to call (well, e-mail, who calls anyone these days?). Of course, if you already have a team in place and only need yours truly, I'll be delighted to work with you and your team.


Flexibility and lots of communication are what smooth, successful projects are made of. You may have hired me to craft a top-notch user experience for your product, but your experience as my client is just as important to me.

Here’s one of my biggest secrets to success: At the start of any new project, take the time to get on the same page and agree on two things; what the final product should look like, and when it needs to be finished.

First, we’ll get really clear on what the final product should look like. For example, for a product strategy, we’d need to clearly outline what the strategy will cover, what questions it will answer, and how you want all this information delivered. To outline a new feature, I'll need access to stakeholders and talk to your team to understand the requirements and guard rails.

Curious about what I do? To give you the basic idea, I can help you from start (like really when you just have a loose idea) to finish (where your idea is a full-fledged thing on the Internet). I can assist with one small part or the entire project, it's up to you and your project's needs.

Too often companies skip this very important step of any product. They may even try winging it because they're so eager to get started. I work with stakeholders to define a solid idea of what we're building, for who, and why.

Most designers just focus on how things look, but if your product doesn't work the way your users expect it to, it's not going to succeed. Having a background in both design and business puts me in an ideal position to help you take your digital products from so-so to GREAT.

"He does what he says and never misses a deadline, which is an unfortunate rarity these days"

Anton was thorough and a pleasure to work with. He's a great collaborator and partner to work through product solutions with. He does what he says and never misses a deadline, which is an unfortunate rarity these days that you don't have to worry about with Anton.

Travis Schmeisser

Travis Schmeisser

Founder & Partner, First Principle

I have several years of experience of leading a wide variety of teams - from large teams at IKEA to smaller ones at seed-funded startups. I make sure to keep the emphasis on inspiring the team as a whole and offering opportunities for the individual to grow personally and professionally.

I never miss a deadline. No, really. My secret is simple: I respect the project and set aside enough time to get it done correctly. I will never give you a date that can’t be met. That’s a two-way street, of course; I’ll rely on you to give me certain things on time so I can incorporate them into the project.

Ready to start?

Though you’re handing me the reins, I encourage you to be as involved in the project as you want to be. No one knows your business better than you, and by being part of the process you’ll help define the direction your company takes with its digital solution and branding. I love working with innovative people to make great products, so let’s make this a partnership.