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Navigating design

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Great! Just “one more thing”...

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Feels very honest and not elitist.

Beautifully balanced relatable personal and professional

Every time I see your email, I'm excited to open it!

It's rare to find someone who can help in so many areas at such a thoughtful and high level of quality

Speaking on your process, but offering practical advice and tools to help readers understand and implement for themselves. Thank you!

Openness of process and ideas sharing. I don’t have to jump through hoops to engage with your content.

Personal stuff, and your cool temper that appears on dealing with things. And your welcoming spirit. I like finding people with spirits like that of yours.

I like your sense of humour and this writing style that is not too serious, with a bit of auto-derision.

I like the personal stories you tell from your life experiences. 

It's a lot more interesting than just throwing design links in and a buzz word article on tips and tricks.

I like your unique voice and just hearing about your work, life, etc. I am probably subscribed to too many newsletters and I often unsub. I stayed subbed to yours because you're unique.

Honesty and you sharing your thinking on design. Very authentic.

I like your vibe and how it gets across in your writing.

The experience you had in designing previous projects. Also the thoughts on design in general are also something that worth reading and learning. I really appreciate your devotion into this newsletter.

I love the content... for me it's amazing to read about point of view of other people and if between these other people there's one with your grade of experience, well great!

Like your writing style. It’s clearly not AI-gen. Keep being yourself!

Besides the text that's always just pure gold, I also started to notice how iconic your newsletter design itself also is. So easy to read, grasp, understand!