Weekly notes April 13-19


  • Doing stakeholder interviews for my new client. I’ll have to check to see if I can mention who it is, but I’m very psyched by this project.
  • Had a great one-on-one director meeting with Dan.
  • Got an iPad Pro. Trying to quick ideas on it with the pencil. Give me your best app suggestions!
  • Planning next steps with Herman Miller. It feels great to be back working with this team (From top left: Ryan Andersson, me, Sara Soueidan, Nicole Hampton, Sarah Azpeitia and Jessi Hall)!



  • Played two (more) football games!
  • Had new closets built at home.
  • Meta is showing more and more signs of dementia 😢
  • Finished season three of Fauda - not as good as the first two seasons.

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