HEY, Controversy

Let’s say Apple requires that you do not wear a face mask when you enter the Apple Store. Now, clearly, this is a stupid rule and fuck them, but also it is their store, their rule, and their right to be stupid. So you want to buy a Mac in the store, and you walk in with your mask on because you are sane. The rule has an asterisk about certain people being allowed to wear a mask, and you think you apply.

You walk in, and are initially let in by the security guard who frankly doesn’t give a shit, it’s a good gig and he doesn’t need your trouble. Then an Apple Store employee stops you, tells you about the rule and says you can remove the mask, or leave, your choice, but they are super sorry about it.

Now you are pissed, so you ask for the manager. The manager comes out, listens to what is going on, says you don’t count as an asterisk and tells you to remove the mask or leave.

So now you are telling everyone passing by in the mall (remember how that used to be!) that this is happening and many are like “fuck Apple”, some are like “fuck you”, and I am like “just go somewhere else then, stop being annoying”. But your strategy works, and out of the back of the Apple Store trots Phil Schiller, and he listens to what you say and then says: nah you gotta take off the mask or leave.

Even though you pointed out others wearing masks, even though you point out the asterisk — sorry their store, their rules. So you have to decide.

Clearly they should allow you to wear a mask (science!), but also like oh well. And I get it, you wanted to buy a Mac, but sorry. Apple gets to make the rules for the things they own, and they get to enforce them too.

Apple is inconsistent at enforcing this particular rule, because the rule is not black and white and that alone is pissing people off. You don’t know why others are allowed to wear masks and you can’t, and that alone is something to be pissed about.

HEY, Controversy

The entire post is a great round-up of the HEY controversy but especially enjoyed this bit. Also, I'm not floored by HEY.