I believe that understanding grows from exercising your knowledge. I don’t just write to inspire others, but to stay on the leading edge of this industry.

Sure, I’m super proud of the 20 years of design experience and 10 years of being a successful freelancer I have under my belt—sounds pretty legit, right?—but the truth is those years of experience came with tons of mistakes and setbacks.

The books below are handy collections of tips, hard-won wisdom, and general guidelines for what I’ve found works (and doesn’t work) in design and in freelancing. I hope they’ll be a guide for those taking their first steps into these areas and help budding designers and freelancers take a shortcut to success, with fewer tears and ramen meals.

User Experiences that Matter

User Experiences that Matter gives you an introduction to creating these great user experiences by focusing on the human being using the product.

Mastering Freelance

What are you offering? Who are your clients? How do you find your clients? Mastering Freelance is here to help you discover those answers and find success faster.

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