May 16, 2018

Microsoft argued that the “criticism is overblown and reflects, in part, people’s grumpiness with software updates.” They say that now the focus is the corporate market. But that doesn’t deny the fact that it is a terrible interface, inhuman and difficult to use. It lacks any imagination — a fact that is repeatedly reinforced on social media every time you bring up Skype and its user experience.Skype interrupted

I agree with Om Malik 100% in this post. I used to love Skype and it was one of the online experiences that felt like magic the first time I experienced it. Now? It's usable at best. Every update introduces one new annoying feature (the latest being the uptempo beats playing when a call is connecting) and it's the one software I try and not to update for as long as possible knowing that nothing good will come out of it.

It’s honest, authentic, and accessible.

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