On Modus: It’s Time for a Code of Ethics for Designers

July 10, 2019

It’s Time for a Code of Ethics for Designers is my first post over at Modus - Medium's design publication. I've been honoured to have been featured in other publications at Medium before, particularly UX Collective and Prototypr but this is my first piece in Medium's own publication.

I'd highly appreciate any 'claps' for this piece if you like it!

This is our vision for Modus: We want to create a place where designers can read high-quality, practical, thought-provoking pieces that will help them be better at their craft. We want to go beyond the design-basics articles you can find anywhere on the internet and be a trustworthy source designers can rely on to help them level up their skills and knowledge, stay current on the state of the design and tech fields, and dig deeper into the areas that interest them.

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