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October 7, 2017

It isn’t a surprise to anyone following me that two of the things I love the most - football aside - are being a freelancer and running a business like a pro.
One of the people I really look up to is Paul Jarvis. He has the gift to create his own amazing products and the determination to follow through. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to Paul on several occasions and he's a genuinely nice guy (and we share the same love of cars).You may know Paul’s name from my books as I’ve interviewed him for both of my books or from the great ChimpEssentials.

I’m excited that this week Paul is relaunching his class Creative Class. I attended the first run of the Creative Class and let me tell you first hand - if you’re a freelancer or in any way running a business - this is money extremely well spent.

Learn the business of freelancing

To sweeten the deal even more, it’s not just Paul this time. He’s teamed up with another one of my favorite freelancers and writers, Kaleigh Moore. Seriously, her newsletter is great and everyone should subscribe to it.

Let’s turn over to Paul and Kaleigh to find out what’s new:
Who should sign up for the Creative Class? Is it for all freelancers or just for the creative ones? 😉

Paul: The course is setup for anyone who runs a freelance business and wants it to run better (better being: more revenue, good clients, less revisions, and less stress). It's primarily designed for: designers, developers and writers. But everyone from life coaches to yoga teachers take it.

Kaleigh: Creative Class is for all types of freelancers who are trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of how to make the biz side of things work. When Paul and I were doing the podcast, we found that even though we do two very different types of work, we'd faced a lot of the same issues--which is kind of a testament to its versatility.

What’s the biggest take-away from the first run of the Creative Class - and what has changed for the second run? (Apart from Kaleigh)

Kaleigh: The new version is much more thorough and there are templates you can put to work right away. Plus, it's updated to reflect the new ideas we've both learned over the past 2-3 years since V1 came out.

Paul: Freelancing is a business. you have to treat it as such. The biggest change, other than Kaleigh's awesome insights, is that the flow from lesson to lesson is easier and quicker. That was my main reason for redesigning it from scratch. All decisions were based on 2,000+ students taking it the first time :)

I want to find out more, what can I do?

Both: Go to the CC website, listen to the podcast, sign up to learn more :)

Still not convinced?

Here comes the deal breaker, use the code ‘anton20’ and you’ll get $20 off from the course price!

Do your future self a favor and sign up for the Creative Class.

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