After 15 years, change is coming!

April 23, 2024 in Personal

I’ve run my own consultancy for 15 years now! It’s been a wild ride and I’ve been fortunate to work with so many talented, humble, generous, fun, ambitious, and smart people. The then 28-year old Anton was pretty confident when he started this, but I don’t think he would have ever imagined what was to come.

I’m sure many consultants out there share my thrill of constantly getting to work on new things and meet new people. Everyday truly is an adventure. Every project I’ve pursued, long or short, there’s always been the feeling of closure when it comes to an “end”. While I’ve worked on many projects where I’ve realized I’ll miss working with the people, I’ve always felt that my work here is done. I’ve done my part and I’m happy to leave the next chapter to someone else.

…Until now.

It’s officially been two years since I first connected to Ellen Dasilva and Matthew Woo, the two founders of Summer Health. Those who’ve been following my journey are probably familiar the work I’ve done with them and how much I value their mission. Little known fact, I was only the fifth person to join the team. Recently we began to throw around the dreaded “what’s next?” question that all startups struggle with. We talked and realized that this is the time when it makes sense for them to hire someone for a full-time role. I’m all too familiar with this conversation as I’ve consulted many early-stage startups, but this time it felt different. I knew my work here wasn’t done. In fact, quite the opposite. I believe we’re just getting started!

So I’m proud to announce that I've embraced the role of Head of Design at Summer Health. While I'm a solopreneur at heart, the chance to make a difference with them was too compelling to resist. Even though I don’t have kids of my own, the mere thought of them getting sick without resources to answer even the simplest questions fills me with anxiety and dread. That helplessness is a feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Summer Health has the opportunity to provide those answers to parents. After two years of collaborating with this incredible team on everything related their product, I believe we're just scratching the surface of the impact it can truly make.

As I’m wrapping up my existing projects, I’m looking forward to fully focusing on the experience customers and providers have with Summer Health and, hopefully, give parents a little more peace of mind.

Leaving you with the words of Alfred Lin, partner at Sequoia and board member of Summer Health:

Staying on the outlier’s path takes tremendous customer focus, creativity, innovation, risk, exacting standards, and non-stop work. Customers are incredibly hard to satisfy and constantly want something better in every business. The only way to build an enduring company is to improve your product, service, and company continually.
The Outliers Path

Paused for now

I don’t see this as an end to my consulting business, it’s a pause. It is allowing myself time to focus fully on one project for the next few years. Honestly, what better time to take a break than at the 15 year mark? I appreciate everyone for the support, business, and opportunities over course of my consultancy. The thank you list is way too long as I’ve probably engaged with hundreds of clients over the years but looking back, but here are some people and moments stand out:

  • Magnus Wide and Johan Ejermark for being my very first client in 2009. There’s nothing harder for a freelancer than to get that first client and I couldn’t have asked for a better one.
  • Everyone I’ve interacted with at IKEA when working together on and off for the last decade.
  • Everyone at Hyper Island who generously allowed me to return to the school that started it all back in 2000. Interacting with junior designers and students is still one of the best ways I know to keep myself alert and engaged - which is why I’ll continue to coach designers going forward. More on that later.
  • Dan Mall for bringing me on to work with SuperFriendly when literally no other agency thought about working remotely. You taught me a lot and, most of all, you introduced me to people I know consider dear friends which is priceless.
  • Carrie Ko, Marco Coppetto, and Halli at ueno for bringing me on to work on Zabka for what turned out to be almost 9 months. You’re all amazing people and built a team that was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of.
  • Kevin Twohy for introducing me to so many talented founders over the years. This literally could not have happened if it wasn’t for you as you introduced me to Ellen and Matthew.
  • Everyone at Summer Health for making me even consider taking on a full-time role which was unthinkable just 2 years ago and making it a decision that feels totally right and natural.

Ps. We just announced our Series A Fundraise and we're hiring!

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