Creating better user experiences

My personal mission for the past 20 years has been to help companies connect with their customers in meaningful ways. In that time, I’ve created user-focused experiences that resulted in happier, better-served customers and higher sales.
That’s something I’m really proud of.


I’ve worked with clients from almost every industry, and each one presents new, exciting challenges. With some companies, I’ve plugged into the in-house design or product team to help out with design, guidance, and asking/answering the provocative questions. But I’ve also worked with tiny startups operating out of someone’s living room.

Client logos

Large or small, my clients always come with specific needs and goals—not to mention an array of constraints and business requirements that must be fulfilled—and I’m proud of the consistently positive results I’ve produced in each unique case.

what they sayAnton is a true professional. He masters both detailed design skills as well as leadership skills to make sure the design is implemented. After his delivery of the design he spent considerable time on making sure it got correctly implemented by the coders. His devotion to quality and delivery was invaluable to finish our project.YASHAR MORADBAKHTI, CEO, Lingio - read more

User experience design

Like it or not, these days your success is tied to how your user feels about you and your product. We can forge strong, long-term relationships with your users by taking the time to understand who those users are, how they interact with your product, and how your brand impacts them, and then designing with those insights in mind. So in the end, your product works the way your users expect and adds value to their lives.

Conversion design

You know your e-commerce site could be converting better, but don’t know where to start to improve. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many e-commerce website owners spend way too much time struggling to keep their conversion rates up. I can help zero in on the issues that might be causing your high bounce rates and craft solutions to get your conversion rates where they should be.

Speaking engagements

I’ll talk about creating engaging user experiences to anyone who’ll listen, and I’ve been privileged to speak to all sorts of audiences (and more than a few patient people I’ve cornered at parties). I believe when you are passionate about something, it’s important to share it with others. I’d love to talk to you and your crowd about UX, higher user engagement, improving business through design, or the challenges and rewards of being a freelancer. Get in touch here.

what they sayWe went through a huge redesign as part of a mobile initiative for the business… The project was extremely well managed with clear milestones, which eliminated scope creep. The result was an extremely clean and smart interface which has been great for our business… Beware of friendly Swedish User Interface Designers who come equipped with positive open attitudes and sharp, clean design principles. They are usually right, just nod and agree.Tom Harrow, founder, Shavekit - read more