Creating better user experiences

My personal mission for the past 20 years has been to help companies connect with their customers in meaningful ways. In that time, I’ve created user-focused experiences that resulted in happier, better-served customers and significant increases in sales. I'm really proud of that.
Anton is a renaissance man. It’s rare to find someone who can help in so many areas at such a thoughtful and high level of quality.
Anton makes any team better.
Dan Mall<br>FOUNDER & Creative Director, Superfriendly
Dan Mall
FOUNDER & Creative Director, Superfriendly
Dan Mall<br>FOUNDER & Creative Director, Superfriendly


I’ve worked with clients from almost every industry with each one presents new, exciting challenges.

For some companies, I’ve plugged into their in-house design or product team to help out with design, guidance, or asking/answering provocative questions. I’ve also worked with tiny startups just getting their feet off the ground in someone’s living room.

Large or small, my clients always come with specific needs and goals—not to mention an array of constraints and business requirements that must be fulfilled—and I’m proud to consistently deliver positive results in each unique case.

Anton has the rare ability to engage with user insights and business needs to produce a truly remarkable experience, which resulted in a product that out-performed our goals. Anton is open to exploring all kinds of solutions, and he taught us how to really serve our users. I'm grateful to have worked with him.
Rachael Perry<br>Editor in Chief, Toast
Rachael Perry
Editor in Chief, Toast
Rachael Perry<br>Editor in Chief, Toast


I write a newsletter every two-four weeks. I'll let you decide if it’s any good but people seem to stay on.

*In fact, thousands of smart people incl designers from Amazon, IDEO, Figma and Shopify