Just keep at it

I still vividly remember my early days spent blogging, literally alone in my apartment. Some posts had just one or two readers (it’s not a joke to insert “hi mom” here, it’s the truth). Some even had none. None! Imagine the humiliation of putting yourself out there and zero people caring because zero people saw it. I know a lot of people feel this way when they start doing something with regard to content on the internet — I applied it to blogging, but I imagine it’s the exact same story with recording videos for YouTube, starting a podcast, etc. Just keep at it.

And so again, the advice is simply to keep at it. Even if the next post gets zero readers too. And the next one. Eventually, zero turns to one and then one to two and then you’re off to the races. M.G. Siegler - Just keep at it

I can relate to this on so many levels. I've been blogging more or less frequently for a bit more than two years and I think things are (finally) starting to take off. I've been a frequent Twitter user for more than 11 years and I'm still at around 1500 followers. Building an audience takes an enormous amount of time and effort and even then, it's not guaranteed to succeed.

I write a newsletter every two-four weeks. I'll let you decide if it’s any good but people (thousands!) seem to stay on.

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