Ok, it’s time to throw away your expectations. As a one-man company (not including dogs!), you won’t be paying for agency overhead. No receptionist answering the phone and reading your emails. Same with e-mails, texts, Slack messages, or the message in a bottle you threw into the ocean five years ago. You won’t be charged for that. I choose to do it myself. You’ll get exactly what you pay for. No surprises.

This promise to my clients has made it easier for everyone from small teams to multinational corporations to choose me to help them accomplish their goals. I love getting to work with amazing people and companies on challenging, but rewarding projects. I want to hear about what you want to accomplish. Get it touch and let me know what you have in mind.

You get to ‘choose your own adventure’ when working with me. Need me to slot into your team and add to what they are doing? I’d be delighted! Need a dream team of the best out there?

My 25 years of doing business has gifted me strong relationships with some of the best creatives in the world! We often work together on projects that may require strategists, researchers, developers, or interface designers.

I’ll place the call (well, e-mail, who calls these days anyways?), build your team, and get to work. You’re closer to your goals than you think!