Coaching by the hour

While I'm a heavy proponent of doing the job thoroughly, not all projects require weeks of discovery and research. Why? Because not everything we do is a 'project' now, is it? Sometimes we want an extra pair of eyes on something we've been working on - or not working on because we're stuck. Sometimes we like to ask someone for help and guidance, but it might be a question we can't ask our superior.

Does this ring a bell? I've experienced this a ton during my career. This is why I wanted a better way to get unstuck, get that extra pair of eyes, or be that person you can ask that question.

How this works

So whether you are a designer feeling stuck on a design or in your career, or a company wanting a second pair of eyes on a new feature, I can help. It's all straightforward.

  • Apologies for being frank, but money first.
  • I'll send you a couple of questions so I have context and we schedule a time that works for both of us.
  • We get on Zoom, and I've looked at everything you've shared with me in advance so we can get going straight away.
  • We discuss, brainstorm, and generate solutions to how to best proceed.
  • It's so simple; there are only four steps.

  • Let's be clear: This is not a pre-sales call where I use the time to pitch my services. Each session is $200, and the goal is for you to get x10 that in value. While most sessions are one-offs, some think the value from these sessions warrants them to be recurring, like Brian, who's been getting coaching sessions for almost a year.
  • Reviewing and refining your portfolio
  • Getting you unstuck on design problems, UX or UI
  • Helping you get to the next phase in your career, wether that is upwards or sideways
  • Reviewing and proposing improvements to a user flow or a feature
  • Marital advice (no, not really)