Design coaching & consulting (by the hour or day)

You’re busy. You don’t need a 17-week long discovery process. You need a good designer that’s seen a lot and done a lot. And, you need him, well, yesterday.Let's talk

For busy brands (who don’t have all day)

Hi. My name is Anton Sten.

I work with busy brands and overwhelmed design teams who need a second set of eyes on something (but don’t have all day).

Contrary to common belief, great design work doesn’t require a 17-week long “discovery process”, nor a ridiculous 3-hour long pow-wow with a dilapidated manilla folder full of glossy magazine cut-outs to find a “brand persona”.

Nope. You’ve done enough discovering. You know your brand like the back of your hand. You just need a designer with a hell of a lot of experience to do the work.

I do that work

About the “Hell of a lot of experience”

I don’t want to name drop here. But, two decades in design has allowed me to work alongside brands I just can’t shut up about...

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How much dough we talkin’ here?

Brands shouldn’t have to cough up months of time and tens of thousands of dollars to get an outside perspective on their products and design. My pricing is simple and reasonable and my turnaround time is unparalleled...

An hour at $500 USD.

We jump on the phone, Zoom, Skype or whatever mode of communication tickles your fancy and we hit the ground running. I take a look at your website or application and after 60-minutes you walk away with a lot more certainty on your design, your direction and what features to add or take away.

A day at $3,000 USD (saves you a cool $125 per hour).

If you book me for a full day, it’s less of us chatting and more of me doing the hands-in-the-dirt work. We get on a call at the crack of dawn where we outline deliverables or a checklist of high priority things to fix/finish. From there, I work my tail off to get you something that blows your mind. It’s as simple as that.

Pick your poison

Book an agency-level designer (without the agency-level BS)

I really don’t want to keep talking about myself. In fact, I’d really like to be talking about you. But, I can’t do that until you hit one of the many buttons you see on this page. So, I’m going to attempt to sell myself to you just one last time. Here’s why you should book a session with me…

Industry giants to tiny but mighty brands you’ve never heard of
I’ve been kicking butt and taking names in this game since 1998. And, have been a consultant for the past decade, working with everyone from one man startups to industry-giants like IKEA. There isn’t a project you can set in front of me that is too big or too small. I’ve seen it all.

Because being “niche” is overrated.
I know some designers like to only do design work for super niche industries like... bed-in-a-box mattress companies. But, that’s just not me. I’ve worked in dozens of industries you’ve heard of and probably many that you haven’t. So, when you hire me not only are you getting inspo pulled from everywhere (it’s amazing how all those bed-in-a-box mattress companies all look the same), but I’m ridiculously quick at getting my head wrapped around what you’re doing and where you’re doing it. AKA... no 17-week long discovery process.

Because I’m not just a designer.

Whenever someone asks me if I know any good freelance UX designers I always answer with Anton. He’s a great designer with superior business understanding who always put the user in the front seat and delivers bloody good work. If you get a chance to work with Anton, don’t miss it.

In other words, you’re not just getting a designer, you’re getting someone that knows how design leads to your cash register ringing and singing and carrying on.


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