User Experiences that Matter

Great user experiences create happy, loyal users. They love spending time and money with companies who have invested in their experience. But where do you start in creating a great user experience? Let this book help you with that.
With so many wildly successful businesses out there, we are left wondering what they did to get there and how they stay there. Is there a magic bullet? Did they make a deal with the devil? The answer is actually far more simple than you’d imagine. It turns out that they just value their customers by creating great user experiences for them. Whether it’s their product, their website, or even their customer service – a business rises or falls on the experience their customers have.
In User Experiences that Matter, I give you an introduction to creating great user experiences by focusing on the human using the product.
Let’s start by understanding what User Experience really is, what it isn’t, and why it matters. Our first chapters will clear these up as I think it’s important that we are all on the same page.
One of the virtues I hold dear as a UX Designer is my curiousity about how things work. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with so many talented people that I could likely do an entire book with just interviews.
  • Emil Ovemar, TocaBoca
  • Marcus Woxneryd, ustwo
  • James Gill, GoSquared
  • Paul Jarvis
  • Mikael Cho, Unsplash
  • Kieran Rheaume, DesignerNews
User Experiences are created out of love and a deep desire to make things better. These final chapters will cover just this – the importance of creating something for PEOPLE rather than “users”.
Get User Experiences that Matter and get all my insight into how to craft your customer’s experiences and grow your business.

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