Mastering Freelance

What are you offering?
Who are your clients?
How do you find your clients?
What should you charge them?

All freelancers face these same challenges.
As if finding the answers to those questions wasn’t hard enough, freelancing can get pretty lonely too
– making it even harder.

Mastering Freelance is here to help you discover those answers and find success faster.

Mastering Freelance is your guidebook about all the bits and pieces of a freelancing career.

I’ve poured 10 years of my experiences into it, so I’m positive that it’ll help you take confident steps towards success. You’ll learn how to find:

  • Your real reason for freelancing (important)
  • How to get your first clients (even more important)
  • What to charge them (really really important)

I’ve also picked the brains of some of the best freelancers in the world, including Jessica Hische, Dan Mall, Paul Jarvis, and Kaleigh Moore!

Mastering Freelance

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why Freelance Have you found your motivation? Find your reason and take the first step to being an awesome freelancer.

Getting Started So you’re ready… Now just quit your job and get going, right? Not so fast. Learn to take the right steps towards an easier launch.

Selling & Pricing Where do you find clients and how do you value what you do? These are by far the hardest questions for new freelancers. Get the answers you need.

Making a successful career If you’re not happy, no amount of money will make you successful. Learn to go after your happiness through your business and personal life.

Communication Even if you’re an introvert, you have no choice but to communicate with others to find success. Learn to get over the awkward times, show up, and own your experience.

Marketing Digital marketing today is a mess, but finding what works for you can decrease stress and make you more effective!

Mastering Freelance

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  • The book (PDF & Mobi)
  • Templates
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The List of Tools I Use to Run My Business is now available and open to all and doesn't require a purchase.

You tell a no-bullshit story about freelancing that was perfect for me. Your book gave me the right push I needed at the right moment so I’m super glad I bought it.

Your book gave me confidence in myself.

-Robert Lundberg

Robert Lundberg
The Author

About the author

Hey, I’m Anton Sten – a designer and a business owner.

Last year I wrote a book called User Experience that Matter and through this book, my newsletter, and blog, I’ve helped hundreds of companies create better user experiences for their customers. Now my goal is to help you!

A big part of successful freelancing is creating great user experiences for your customers. Applying my experience and knowledge in UX-design transformed my freelancing journey and it can do the same for yours!

I live in Lomma, Sweden with my wife and dog (who is also my colleague, just one of the perks of being your own boss!).

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@antonsten)!