I make digital products work

I know it’s a really bold statement, but I have the experience and knowledge to back it up.

My background in both design and business puts me in a great position to help your business decide on the right solutions for your digital products. Now, I’m not here to make your product just look pretty, I’m here to make it work. Happy users result in profitable businesses! I have always been a firm believer in the human element of design and knowing your audience. Your user wants to have a great experience with your brand and I can make that happen.

I’ve been making digital products for 20 years (yes, that IS a lot of websites). In that time, I’ve helped some big names provide awesome experiences for their users, by getting to know a brand’s audience and balancing careful attention to design, product planning, crafting copy, and much more.


The first decade of my career was spent working for some world-renowned agencies and building the skill sets that would define my career. Now I am lucky enough to work independently from my office in the lovely city of Lomma, Sweden. This way, my clients get the creative professional, the project manager, and the decision maker all in one without any agency overhead.

When I'm not working I love to travel (I'm really missing this now), drink great coffee, and anything football related. If I have a day off, it's not uncommon for me to play FIFA, get outside to play football myself, and then round the day off by watching my favorite team Liverpool play.

Ultimately, I really value being around great people.

Anton strikes a great balance between being a great designer, director, and a friend. He cares about the health and success of his teammates just as much as much as he cares about the health and success of the project. I’d leap on a chance to collaborate with him on a project again.
Sara Soueidan<br>Frontend UI engineer
Sara Soueidan
Frontend UI engineer

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