Hi! My name is Anton Sten and, for the past 13 years, I have run my own independent studio that creates better user experiences.

I began working with the internet in 1997 when I was hired to design and code the website for the local electric company in Vasa, Finland. Shortly after graduating High School, I moved to Sweden and attended Hyper Island. I spent a short time in London before spending eight years working with agencies in Stockholm and eventually ended up in the south of Sweden. Today, I live in the countryside in a house built in 1915 with my girlfriend and our dog, Taylor. I can clearly imagine the 20-year-old Anton rolling his eyes hearing that I now enjoy gardening and the outdoors!

My background in both design and business puts me in a unique position. I have the experience and knowhow to help businesses utilize the solutions that works best for them and their customers. It doesn’t always have to be pretty - it helps! - but it does need to work seamlessly. Happy users equal profitable businesses!

I am always thankful for the variety of projects I’ve been able to work on and the relationships I’ve been able to form. I have partnered with agencies I respect and collaborate with a diverse set of existing teams resulting in positive results. I’ve even built curated teams from my group of trusted consultants. The best results come from working with the best.