Anton has the rare ability to engage with user insights and business needs to produce a truly remarkable experience, which resulted in a product that out-performed our goals. Anton is open to exploring all kinds of solutions, and he taught us how to really serve our users. I'm grateful to have worked with him.
Rachael Perry<br>Editor in Chief, Toast
Rachael Perry
Editor in Chief, Toast

Toast: On The Line

After working with a large corporation for nearly a year, I was in need of a different work environment. I've been a fan of the SuperFriendly work model for years and known Dan and his work for even longer. I was randomly catching up with Dan, discussing my situation when he asked if I wanted to join a SuperFriendly project.

With SuperFriendly being an all-remote, all-specialist company, it's far from your traditional agency. And while I've had lots of experience working remotely, I was excited, and to be honest, a bit scared of my first project with SuperFriendly. Being a fan of something can be scary on multiple levels - will my expectations be met? will I meet their's?

The client, Toast, sells a POS system for restaurants and cafes. They came to SuperFriendly wanting to evolve their blog into a fully-featured media hub. Instead of just rebuilding the blog, we wanted to begin by understanding their customers better through user research. After all, it's vital to understand if a fully-featured media hub would solve their problem.

When I joined the project, I was confused on what it was that we're building. Turns out no one knew! Luckily, that was part of the brief - to explore options. Phew!

Once the project had its kick off, we had weekly calls which provided the safe environment for everyone to casually explore and bounce ideas off from one another. While we were exploring, Erika Hall was busy talking to current and potential customers about where Toast could be of help in their daily life - making sure we were solving actual problems.

A couple of weeks in, we met up in sunny Boston for a full day of workshopping. Erika shared her findings with the entire team and Dan facilitated a couple of exercises to help us define what we should be building.

Boston, July 2019Meeting up in-person for a day of workshopping.

While everyone on the team are total remote experts, meeting in person was really beneficial to the entire team. Initially I was a bit surprised at how relaxed the atmosphere was on our calls even, but things really took off after our time together.

Following our workshop in Boston - and some great meals! - we parted ways and returned to our own offices - in Philadelphia, Dallas, San Fransisco, New Orleans and... Lomma, Sweden. Dan and I immediately started collaborating on design utilizing everything we learned from our meetings. It's been a while since I've been collaborating on design and boy can it make a product better. While Dan and I worked in design tools, TJ was simultaneously experimenting with the code. Within a week, we had an early idea ready to present to Toast.

Together with Toast we defined early on what our success metrics are. After all, without knowing what success looks like - how can we be sure we've achieved it?

We ended up building a design system and provided Toast with a strategy for better website circulation, increased email signups, and higher brand loyalty - topics that would cover all of the success factors we had defined together with Toast.

I even got to share my expertise regarding building a qualitative, segmented email list. It was thrilling to enjoy the fast pace of a project like this again!

Six weeks of iteration on design, build, and content saw a front-end prototype that was ready for a content management system integration, which Toast handled in-house.

Before the launch, I worked with Toast again to help them add 'sauce' to the website - subtle animations and fine-tuning some of the design elements. On the Line soft launched just before Christmas and the first numbers indicate that we've hit a home-run!

Anton is a renaissance man. It’s rare to find someone who can help in so many areas at such a thoughtful and high level of quality. Anton makes any team better.
Dan Mall<br>FOUNDER & Creative Director, Superfriendly
Dan Mall
FOUNDER & Creative Director, Superfriendly

Selected cases

I would LOVE to share all my projects with you, but the simple truth is... I can't. I've signed a bunch of NDA's that keep me from telling all the juicy details, but here's a couple that I've gotten permission to share!

I helped Toast create a new publication for restaurateurs: A place full of inspiration, knowledge, and helpful resources.​
Helping facility managers track energy consumption and make proactive choices, for higher revenue and a healthier environment​ 🌿
Optimizing conversions while staying on-track with a strong brand personality for Australia’s number one babe; Frank.
Helping Telia revitalize their support pages with more options, intuitive tools, and a responsive design.
Helping businesses in Järfälla to flourish through more accessible help and online tools.
Making practical, important information accessible and easy to find for 20,000 Falkenberg-ians.
Created an accessible, lightweight easy to navigate website for everyone interested in visiting the beautiful city of Falkenberg.
Helping Nationalencyklopedin modernize their visual identity, make it more digitally accessible and developed a design system.
Lead UX for Apotek Hjärtat, Sweden's second largest pharmacy, for 6 months during a larger website improvement.

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