My personal mission for the past 25 years has been to help companies connect with their customers in meaningful ways. In that time, I’ve created user-focused experiences that resulted in happier, better-served customers and significant increases in sales.

I'm really proud of that.
Nicole Hampton

Nicole Hampton

Head of Projects, Bttr.

“We all have that person that we want to book on every project. Anton is that person for me.

He's experienced, insightful, collaborative and great at his craft. The unusual mix of both a leader and mentor for the creative team while also building a strong relationship with the client, asking questions and understanding the needs and motivations of their users. The resulting work is always well considered and above expectations. He's a wonderful partner to add to a project!”
I’ve worked on client projects from almost every conceivable industry with each presenting new, exciting challenges.

For some companies, I’ve plugged into their in-house design or product teams to help with design, guidance, or asking/answering productive questions. Others are tiny startups just getting on their feet in someone’s living room and need assistance defining and executing those first steps. And others need me to assemble teams of specialists to cover every aspect of their project’s requirements from beginning to end.

Large or small, my clients always come with unique needs and goals bound by a dizzying array of constraints and requirements that must be fulfilled. I’m proud to be that solution to consistently deliver positive results in each of these cases.
Selected projects
I would LOVE to share all my projects with you, but the simple truth is... I can't. I've signed a bunch of NDAs that keep me from telling you specific details, so some stories need to stay untold, but I am lucky to be able to share the ones below.
Titan Space, Feb 2022 - Oct 2022
As acting Head of User Experience, I was working with Titan to fulfill its ambitious mission - to enable more effective enterprise space experimentation. I was helping Titan define and implement design languages as it applies to human interfaces. We created user experiences that allow customers and operators to leverage Titan's products to design and execute space experiments routinely, on Earth and in space.

Team: Anton Sten (Head of UX) + Titan crew

Delio, Nov 2021 - Jan 2022
At Product I was honored to work with Delio - a grocery delivery service in Poland - to help them plan, design, and execute some of the core features of their new services. We worked on defining and sketching features like search - how to best get the most relevant products in front of customers as quickly and easily as possible. Other features included defining how the user can easily select their address and delivery slot conveniently and some of the backend business requirements to fit needs now and in the future.

Team: Anton Sten (UX Director), Jessi Hall (Producer), Lily Mathews (Strategy), Isabel Sousa (Visual Design)

Google, Aug - Oct 2021
Google wanted Product’s help to explore ways to better communicate how their privacy policies work with their users. We helped them create a deck to easily communicate their rationale for a user-first approach, a range of experiment components, and how to bring it all to life. As someone who’s generally skeptical of big tech’s approach to user rights, it was refreshing to see how genuinely interested the team at Google was in choosing to do the right thing.

Alongside Allen Orr, I was overseeing all of Product's Google projects.

Team: Anton Sten (UX Director), Carolyn Gregory (Producer), Lily Mathews (Strategy), Toph Brown (Account)

Eobuwie, March - May 2021
At Product, we helped Eobuwie - a European shoe retailer - design a shopping app for shoe lovers across Europe. With more than 10,000 products, we immediately understood that there needed to be an intuitive, easy way to browse and filter products. I led the UX efforts and worked on defining the app’s framework and structure while continuing to focus on features that simplify the shopper’s experience using the app.

Team: Anton Sten (UX Director), Jessi Hall (Producer), Amanda Chessa (Research), Bart Jaillet (Design)

Zabka, Aug 2020 - April 2021
Zabka is a chain of Polish convenience stores - in fact, there are more than 8,000 stores across Poland. While they are extremely strategically located, Zabka wanted to design something that was even more convenient for their customers, and what’s more convenient than shopping from home? I was brought in by Ueno (R.I.P.) to help them define how a product like this could work. Over the course of 9 months, we created multiple iterations, storyboarded every possible flow, and handed off a design system that one expert who saw it labeled it as “one of the most extensive design systems I’ve ever seen”.

Team: Anton Sten (Lead Product Designer), Marco Coppetto (ACD), Carrie Ko (Strategy Director), Louise Dreier (Strategy), Lee Simpson (Strategy), George Kvasinikov (Design), Hanna Edghill (Motion), Amanda Chessa (Research), Joel Wasko (Producer)

Herman Miller, Jan - May 2020
Even pre-pandemic, Herman Miller realized that offices were changing. The days of cubicles were long gone. The primary focus was shifting. Instead, offices needed to support multiple types of work - privacy and deep-focus work, spaces for collaborative work, and also an increasing need for hybrid/remote work.

Herman Miller turned to SuperFriendly to help them design a website that would allow companies to understand better how to utilize their spaces to get the most out of them.

SuperFriendly assembled a team, and together, we designed and executed a website that let users answer a couple of questions to get personalized information on how to utilize their individual spaces better.

Team: Anton Sten (Director), Jessi Hall (Producer), Sarah Azpeitia (Design), and Sara Soueidan (Development)

Toast, March - July 2019
Together with SuperFriendly, I helped research and build an online resource publication for Toast, a POS system for restaurants and cafes. We met with them in Boston and workshopped positioning and possible executions. We ended up building a design system and provided Toast with a full strategy for better website circulation, increased email signups, and higher brand loyalty - topics that would cover all of the success factors Toast had defined from the beginning.

Team: Dan Mall (Director), Jessi Hall (Producer), Erika Hall (Research), Anton Sten (UX / Design), TJ Pitre (Development)

Red Rover, April 2019 - August 2021
I worked with the team at Red Rover to plan features and design their design system for desktop, mobile, iOS, and Android. Together we faced many of the common challenges of building new a SaaS: which features to prioritize, how to balance a native app vs the brand identity, and how to intuitively present loads of data in a consumable way. All great design challenges! It was a pleasure to help Mike and the team build out the first version of Red Rover!
Falkenberg, 2016, 2018
While most of my clients tend to be overseas, I love working with Swedish companies too. I’ve been honored to work with the municipality of Falkenberg on multiple occasions. I’ve helped them plan and design their website for visitors (which was nominated as one of the best websites in tourism!) as well as a website for their community. One of the challenges we faced was that the previous site consisted of more than 8,000 pages, so we need to do an extensive content audit. Even after the audit, there were still a lot of pages so we needed to design a system that allowed users to quickly go from a high level to a specific page. In the end, I handed off a range of templates and components that allowed development to be efficient and cost-effective - after all, this was funded by taxpayers!

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