Weekly notes June 22 - 28

Crazy that June is almost over, no? This pandemic sure messed up my sense of time. I feel like April was yesterday, yet February feels like a lifetime away.


  • Herman Miller Brainstorm session with Dan, Jessi, TJ, Sarah and Sara.
  • 1-1 with Dan
  • 1-1 with Jessi
  • 1-1 with Sarah
  • 1-1 with Sara
  • Finished up my work for Alight
  • Started to get more bookings for Pick My Brain
  • Decided to take a couple of weeks with less work starting today.


  • Watched the Apple WWDC Keynote. Seemed like a ton of great features! Already running iPadOS14.
  • No exercise due to a chest injury the week prior.
  • Booked myself a trip to Stockholm for some reflection time.

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