Weekly notes May 18 - 24


  • 1-1 with Jessi Hall about our team and next phase planning.
  • 1-1 with Sarah Azpeitia about how we want to work with design in our next phase.
  • 1-1 with Dan Mall.
  • Retrospective with the team.
  • Worked with Mike on a new inbox concept for RedRover.
  • Progressed on the design for Eneo.


  • Head was in a weird place as it was the first week without Meta in my office. Still coming to terms with the fact that she’s gone.
  • Gym session + football
  • Got my eyes photographed (Fundus photography). Diabetics get this once a year at least in Sweden.
  • Went to dinner with my wife.
  • Visited friends in Varberg.

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