Weekly notes March 23-29

Inspired by Dan Mall’s Weeknotes, I thought I’d try something similar. Let me know if you find these interesting!


  • Held a presentation for the broader 20-person team at the Herman Miller project I’m working on.
  • Worked on mobile apps for RedRover. Finding a good balance between a native app and injecting a brand is difficult! And Android apps are still a mess.
  • Talked to a new potential client together with Jenny Johannesson. We ended up turning the project down later in the week.
  • Prepared user testing sessions.
  • Had 1-on-1 sessions with Sara Soueidan and Sarah Azpeitia about our project and generally how we’re feeling in these crazy times. Extremely grateful for this team ♥️.
  • 1-on-1 coaching session with Dan Mall.
  • Talked to Dan Mall, Jessi Hall and Joe Rinaldi about scoping new work.


  • Ran 5.5km one early morning and completed two home workouts.
  • Date night with Tina.
  • Therapy session.
  • Had friends over for a lebanese dinner.
  • Watched The Gentlemen - loved it, classic Guy Ritchie.

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