The seat at the table

The only thing I would and to expand on is the question of "the seat at the table." Yes, there are many organizations that still, to this day, do not see the value of creative & design work. But.

The reality that we are not prepared nor educated to take leadership roles. To be accountable for our work. We have no freaking idea how to do this and we are the first ones to duck out when offered those opportunities.
Too many creatives refuse to talk to stakeholders.
Too many designers refuse to spend time educating a client.
And too many creative leaders are quick to deem all the business aspects that underpins those discussions as "not creative enough".

Breaking news: If you can't sell, educate or execute, your ideas are worth shit, y'all.

So now it's time to educate ourselves, if we don't want to be as irrelevant as some of the people we are critiquing ourselves. More than ever, learn business and tech or die.Zelia Sakhi

Zélia is one of the brightest people I've ever had the honour of working with. For years, one of my strengths have been my understanding and interest of business and not just 'design'. I've been a long believer of that the question of wether or not designers should learn to code is inferior to wether designers should learn business.

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