How To Predict Your Future

What you do today does impact your future.
Do you eat junk food? I’ll tell you this: In 10 years you’ll be fatter and unhealthier.
Do you complain? I’ll tell you this: Your life’s situation will be exactly the same in 10 years.
Do you lounge in your office chair all day and watch YouTube videos instead of doing hard things? I’ll tell you this: You’ll be stuck at that same job. Or worse, you’ll get fired.
Do you spend more than you earn? I’ll tell you this: In 10 years, you’ll worry about money every single day.
Obviously, I’m not a fortune teller. But this predicting is easy. Anyone with a little common sense can do it. And it works like a charm.

Great post from Darius Foroux. Same common sense goes for building a great business.

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