How Notion Is Going After Atlassian and Why It Just Might Win

“We focused too much on what we wanted to bring to the world. We needed to pay attention to what the world wanted from us.” Ivan Zhao, Co-founder of Notion

It's a fascinating post about the early days of Notion, a tool I've started to become far more dependable on and really love it's flexibility. I like the above quote from Ivan, however later in the post, he says something that I think is contradicting to the above statement:

“The market is huge — everyone with a computer.”Ivan Zhao, Co-founder of Notion

The market is everyone that has a need for a tool like Notion. My wife has a computer but would never use a tool like Notion, nor would my dad. The ultra corporate people all have computers, most of them will most likely never adopt a tool like Notion. To say that their market is everyone with a computer is like saying that Porsche's market is everyone that needs to be transported from A to B.