Imposter Syndrome

This post from Chris Coyier resonated (I'll save you a click, it reads: "The effort-to-engagement ratio for content is unguessable.") with me, so I'll follow his lead;

Last week I saw a tweet from Mr. Bingo that I've been thinking about. I can't possibly stress how true this is. Perhaps even worse for us "seniors" is that we tend to believe that we're the only senior creatives that feel this way. Starting a new role earlier this year in a new industry, I've experienced this more often lately.

It also reminds me of a creative I met at Herman Miller who had never heard of nor experienced the concept of imposter syndrome, and I thought, what a life you must have had.

Something that young people entering the creative world might want to hear: Me and every 'successful' artist/comedian/writer/maker of stuff I know have regular self doubt, creative dry spells, think we're not good enough, crisis of confidence, worry that we've 'lost it' etc 🙃

— Mr Bingo 𓄚 (@Mr_Bingo) May 6, 2022