The Hot Potato Process

The big misconception I’ve seen designers and developers often fall victim to is believing that handoff goes one way. Designers hand off comps to developers and think their work is done. That puts a lot of pressure on the designer to get everything perfect in one pass.

Instead, great collaboration follows what Brad Frost and I call “The Hot Potato Process,” where ideas are passed quickly back and forth from designer to developer and back to designer then back to developer for the entirety of a product creation cycle.The Hot Potato Process

When I’ve had the honour of working with Dan, even as a designer, we sent stuff back and forward quite a bit and there was never this need to feel that something was ‘more or less done’ before passing it over. Instead, really rough ideas were sent back and iterated on. It’s a process I really enjoyed and I can only imagine the difference in both process and output when it’s between designer and developer.

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