Gumroadday: Get my books at -17% discount

The tool I use for payment processing and file delivery of my books, Gumroad, is celebrating the day they launched (April 4, 2011) by reducing their fees for all purchases to 0% for that day. Normally I pay 8.5% so this is a huge savings for me and I want to pass that on to you by matching their reduction and discounting both my books by 17% for April 4!

User Experiences that Matter is my first book about what makes a great user experience. We all know they're important, but do we know why? And do we know how to make great user experiences? This book will tell you just that. Get it for $24!

Mastering Freelance is my second book where I outline all the mistakes and wins I've made throughout my 10-year long freelancing career. While there's no golden rule for all, it comes with great advice for people just starting their career or even those who already have been at it for years. Get it for $24!

Just use the code Gumroadday when checking out to get a 17% discount and keep supporting creators!

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