Why I hate your fake redesign

UI/UX work is not just about creating a beautiful picture. It’s about addressing your clients’ needs by providing new experiences for users and inspiring them to take action. It’s vital to do your research, discuss ideas with product managers, understand business needs, and check your assumptions. Only after all of that can you begin drawing.Why I hate your fake redesign

While I might consider 'hate' a far too strong word (or HATE all caps as the original title is) - I've always found these 'concepts' to be problematic. They are not beneficial for our industry as they remove all of the work that we seem to have to convince clients the most about their importance. Things like research and user testing are almost always the first things to get erased from a project plan if there's a need for a smaller budget or a slimmer timeline. And why not, I just saw this guy on dribbble that had made this great concept without any research!

We can't continue blaming clients for being poor clients if this is the way we educate them.


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