Pick my brain!

Growing as a designer is difficult. Most of us grow only through years and years of 'work experience' and while we want to grow and evolve as designers faster things get in the way. There's never the perfect time. There are no courses available or they cost a trillion dollar.

After teaching at Hyper Island for nearly two decades, I wanted to share the experience with more people. I wanted to be able to give advice to designers and teams while lowering the barrier to getting started.
Introducing Pick My Brain!

We'll meet online through Zoom - you get to pick times that work well with your schedule. We can discuss a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

Identify what role you want to have in a team
I've worked my way from design intern to Creative Director. From a freelance designer to a UX Team Leader. I know there is no role that is sunshine at all times, but do know you'll need to identify the role you want to be in order to enjoy those rainy days too. I will share my experiences of working in different roles with you and discuss what I found were the upsides and downsides to all of them. Once we determine what your goal is, I'll help you set a path to get you there. For group sessions, this can be used as an exercise to rethink your current setup/structure.

Talk and sell design inside your company
During the last two decades, I've worked with everything from one-man teams to Forbes 100 companies, from heavily design-oriented companies to technical process-oriented companies. Through each and every company and project, I've learned that there is no golden rule that works everywhere. I will help you find your voice within your company to make you more confident in talking about - and selling - design internally. How do you make sure you are the one presenting your design? And even more importantly, how can you feel more confident doing it? I will share the techniques I use when presenting a design that will get your project approved.

Structure projects like a professional
Once your project is approved, how do you set it up to work as efficiently as possible especially when you are stuck running 5 or 6 projects at the same time? I will share my techniques for running multiple projects at the same time, what tools I use, how I have them set up, and how I schedule my time!

Stuck in a project?
If you feel like you're stuck in a project or with a specific feature, we'll walk through it and I'll offer valuable insight to help you see things more clearly. Sometimes an outside view on things is all you need!

Who's this for?

You're already a designer and, most likely, have worked as one for many years. Perhaps you're the only designer internally at your company and want to understand how to grow to something more. Maybe you're even on the verge of hiring your second designer and unsure about what that will mean for you. Perhaps you're a designer within a company full of designers, but are finding it difficult to see what's next and how to communicate your needs to grow. You could even be a team that wants to find better ways of working together as well as within the company. Any of these situations - and more - I'll be able to help you find your next steps.


One single hour (1 hr)

A lot can be accomplished in one hour. We can work through topics such as your career, a project, or even something as specific as a product feature.

$350 / hour

One hour - 5 pack! (1 hr x 5)

Like the one hour sessions, but want to make it recurring? Great, let's schedule for one hour every other week. This way we'll get through more at a more affordable rate.

$1500 / 5 hours


Are you interested? Great! Please fill out the form and I'll get back to you with more information!



I have more than 2 decades of experience working with digital products and have taught classes at world-renowned Hyper Island for more than a decade, having witnessed and experienced what works and what doesn’t. I’ve taught hundreds of students over the years in what is key to creating great user experiences as well as how to find a career that allows you to do your very best work.

Sell it to your boss

There’s the old joke: the CFO asks the CEO what happens if we spend this money on educating our employees and they decide to leave? The CEO responds, what if we don’t and they decide to stay?

Educating employees is critical for any company's growth and success. By working more efficiently and removing friction, you'll see happier and more motivated employees.


Happy to answer any questions you might have!
E-mail me on anton@antonsten.com