Checkout for Winners

Great notes from Luke W from Andrey Lipattsev’s talk Checkout for Winners.

Bullet points that stuck out to me:

  • The Web is better than ever before. You can build fast, rich, app-like experiences but many companies opt to route people to native experiences instead of optimizing the Web experiences. That needs to change.
  • On mobile, 54% of people quit checkout if they are asked to sign-up. 92% will give up if they don’t remember a password or user name.
  • AliExpress had a 41% higher sign-in rate, 85% fewer sign-in failures, and 11% better conversion rate when they added One tap.
  • The Guardian gained 44% more cross-platform signed-in users with One tap.
  • We still buy things online by filling in Web forms. This introduces a lot of friction at a critical point.
  • 2-5minutes is the average for checkout times on the Web. The PaymentRequest API reduces this effort to 30seconds.

Reducing friction is critical in every user experience and interaction. I’m delighted everytime I need to sign into an app or a page and I see the small 1Password icon in the signup fields. Anything that’s reducing the boring tasks (like manually entering data into fields) makes for a better experience.

Reducing checkout time from 2-5 minutes to 30 seconds is insane and there’s no wonder that the conversions are up. If anything, I’m surprised they’re not up by more.

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