Järfälla: Allowing businesses to flourish

Helping businesses in Järfälla to flourish through more accessible help and online tools.

Having worked with Falkenberg kommun on a previous project, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what working with municipalities was like. Falkenberg wanted a new website, so they decided to re-do the entire thing. Järfälla, on the other hand, choose to approach it a bit differently. In 2018, they approached me to re-do only their homepage as well as a design an updated, improved visual style and design system for them. Every other page just got the updated style, but remained the same in terms of content.

In 2019, they wanted to create a website for businesses in Järfälla, giving businesses a tool to find answers to their questions regarding permits, rules, and other helpful information. Having already established the design system, we were able to hit the ground running and quickly begin designing what pages could look like and what kind of flows we envision our users taking.

User focusedWe wanted to build a navigation that's based on our users.

An important guideline that we wanted to follow was to begin each user journey from their point of view (I know, it sounds obvious but we both know it's not always the case!). So, instead of designing the navigation around the internal architecture of Järfälla's website, we choose to think about what kind of problems and issues would cause businesses to visit the site.

We settled for giving users three major navigational paths:
1. Based on their industry - this is something that would be a possible entry path for everyone

2. Based on digital services and tools - these are actions that the user can perform straight away online

3. Most used content during the current period - Restaurants will want to file permits for outdoor seating in the spring time but not so much in November. Offices will want improved outdoor lighting in October through March, but probably not in the summertime.

Through AI and user behavior, we can predict what services and tools we think our users will require.

From these three entry points, everything flows down onto guides and digital tools with checklists, important dates, and useful links.

Selected cases

I would LOVE to share all my projects with you, but the simple truth is... I can't. I've signed a bunch of NDA's that keep me from telling all the juicy details, but here's a couple that I've gotten permission to share!

I helped Toast create a new publication for restaurateurs: A place full of inspiration, knowledge, and helpful resources.​
Helping facility managers track energy consumption and make proactive choices, for higher revenue and a healthier environment​ 🌿
Optimizing conversions while staying on-track with a strong brand personality for Australia’s number one babe; Frank.
Helping Telia revitalize their support pages with more options, intuitive tools, and a responsive design.
Helping businesses in Järfälla to flourish through more accessible help and online tools.
Making practical, important information accessible and easy to find for 20,000 Falkenberg-ians.
Created an accessible, lightweight easy to navigate website for everyone interested in visiting the beautiful city of Falkenberg.
Helping Nationalencyklopedin modernize their visual identity, make it more digitally accessible and developed a design system.
Lead UX for Apotek Hjärtat, Sweden's second largest pharmacy, for 6 months during a larger website improvement.

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