Apotek Hjärtat

I was the acting UX-lead for Apotek Hjärtat, Sweden's second largest pharmacy, for 6 months during a larger website improvement.

More often today, Swedes are conducting their pharmaceutical needs online - everything from ordering prescribed medications to getting their everyday over-the-counter medicines. Until 2009, only the state was allowed to run pharmacies. Pharmacies hitting the free market coincided with Swedes starting to do much of their purchasing online and this opened up a great opportunity for market innovation.

Defining searchSearch is key for any e-commerce. With Apotek Hjärtat we wanted to conceptualise search even more. So searching for 'headache' shouldn't only give you products. Categories, related searches and information related to the subject should all be visible. Defining the structure and hierarchy of the results was key.

For Apotek Hjärtat, running a pharmacy online along with nearly 400 physical stores is no easy task. While some of their competitors choose to run the pricing game, always aiming to be the cheapest or have the fastest delivery, Apotek Hjärtat chooses to be different. Instead they are dedicated, when it comes to people's health and medical conditions, to creating the optimal service and experience to make sure the clients are getting exactly what they need in the moment they need it.

Product pageA product page needs to be very dynamic if your products range from socks, medicine to beauty products.

I worked with Apotek Hjärtat during a transitional period of 6 months keeping track of weekly iterations and improvements as well as working on new, long-term feature builds.

Selected cases

I would LOVE to share all my projects with you, but the simple truth is... I can't. I've signed a bunch of NDA's that keep me from telling all the juicy details, but here's a couple that I've gotten permission to share!

I helped Toast create a new publication for restaurateurs: A place full of inspiration, knowledge, and helpful resources.​
Helping facility managers track energy consumption and make proactive choices, for higher revenue and a healthier environment​ 🌿
Optimizing conversions while staying on-track with a strong brand personality for Australia’s number one babe; Frank.
Helping Telia revitalize their support pages with more options, intuitive tools, and a responsive design.
Helping businesses in Järfälla to flourish through more accessible help and online tools.
Making practical, important information accessible and easy to find for 20,000 Falkenberg-ians.
Created an accessible, lightweight easy to navigate website for everyone interested in visiting the beautiful city of Falkenberg.
Helping Nationalencyklopedin modernize their visual identity, make it more digitally accessible and developed a design system.
Lead UX for Apotek Hjärtat, Sweden's second largest pharmacy, for 6 months during a larger website improvement.

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