Apple Should Make an Instagram Clone

Instagram is one of the last social networks I use these days, which I actually enjoy visiting. But I always get a little twitchy using it because it's owned by Facebook (which I'm really not a fan of). And the ads are getting pretty annoying these days.

So wouldn't it be awesome if Apple made a privacy focused clone of it? I know Apple doesn't really do well when it comes to social services, but I'm wondering if a simple photo sharing site might not be impossible for them to do well. From the outside, it looks like it's just a scaling problem. You've got photos, comments, and a list of folks to watch. It can't be that hard.Apple Should Make an Instagram Clone

I think this is a pretty great idea to be honest. Apple themselves are actually decent at posting stuff to Instagram as they have a strong focus on the camera possibilities of the iPhone combined with, you know, 'creativity'. I've quit Facebook and have my concerns about Instagram too. I guess the only question is - if it's not ad-based, what's in it for Apple?


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