Hello, I'm Anton

I help companies define, design, and launch world-class digital products by aligning teams, stakeholders, and customer expectations.
More than 20 years of UX, Product Design, and leading creative teams has made me who I am today. I built my career around design and business to confidently recommend intuitive, meaningful experiences to clients - and their customers - across many different industries.

The results? Happy users and profitable businesses!

I’ve been fortunate to work for some of the world’s finest organizations on projects of all different shapes and sizes. As a result, I always approach each one with an open mind and a custom-tailored approach.

I write a newsletter every two-four weeks. I'll let you decide if it’s any good but people seem to stay on. In fact, thousands of smart people incl. designers from Amazon, IDEO, Figma and Shopify are subscribers.

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